What’s coming up at the cookery school

What’s coming up at the cookery school

Here’s why the year ahead is such an exciting time at Rosemary Shrager’s Cookery School

With our hands-on courses and cooking experiences, there are some innovative new developments in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share with you here at the cookery school in 2019. As well as insightful classes for budding home cooks, we’re teaching a variety of skills to professional chefs too, by way of industry training and qualifications.

“I see us as a school that’s training both professional chefs and aspiring cooks, but doing it slightly differently,” comments Rosemary. “We’re quite unique in having the best of both worlds: a professional kitchen where our chefs are, and a more aspirational environment that’s just as good for our guests, making cooking accessible to anyone.”

Read on to find out what we’ve got coming up in 2019…

Apprenticeship training
We’re excited to offer Level 2 and Level 4 apprentice training here at the school. From teaching aspiring chefs the basic skills they’ll need to excel in the food and drink sector, to more advanced levels of knowledge to create and develop original recipes, we provide them with the skills and confidence to excel in their profession, equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed.

“The ethos is to give chefs the skills and confidence to develop,” Rosemary explains. “It’s about people in the industry moving their menus on, and taking what they’re doing to a higher level.”

Guest chefs
We’re welcoming some special guests to the school this year for one-off expert courses. Valentina Harris will be running Classic Italian Cooking and a Pasta Masterclass on May 4 and 5 respectively, plus Juliet Sear is leading some Cake Decorating on June 8, with plenty more to follow later in the year – watch this space!

“I’m so excited about the guest chefs we have coming,” says Rosemary. “There are some fantastic people who are very different and can’t wait to come, and I’ll be getting hands-on with them and the students too.”

The Rosemary Shrager Diploma
In 2019, we’re introducing our very own accreditation! Due to commence this summer, The Rosemary Shrager Diploma is an official certification, whereby students undertake a six-month course that earns them a valuable qualification to kick-start their careers in hospitality.

“It’s exciting and fun that people leave here with a better knowledge, but we’re also very serious in terms of what we do,” Rosemary adds. “We’re different from other cookery schools, because we don’t just do courses; we offer proper teaching. I look at us as an academy, so it’s important that we deliver real, accessible knowledge.”

Creative courses
We’re introducing fresh, fun and immersive classes to our roster this year. Whether you’re embarking on Feasts from the Middle East in February, taking in a classic Afternoon Tea in March, creating some Mediterranean Tapas in April, or whipping up Indian Street Food in May, there are dozens of experiences to look forward to and get involved in!

“We’re doing a whole host of different courses,” confirms Rosemary. “All of our favourites are back, which we love, but the school is incredibly diverse, so we’re also pushing forward with different things and new ideas that are really exciting.”

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