Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is set out below. This policy, together with the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, contains the terms that govern the use of this Site and the orders you place and purchase (“Terms”).

Please note that nothing in our Cancellation Policy affects your statutory rights. For further information about your legal rights, please contact your local authority Trading Standards Department or Citizen’s Advice Bureau.


Gift vouchers

1.1. When you place an order with us for a gift voucher, our service to you begins immediately after we send you a Confirmation Email because we will start taking steps to fulfil your order straight after doing so, even though it may take a short while before the order is fulfilled. Please see paragraph 8.3 of the Terms and Conditions for further details regarding the Confirmation Emails we send. By accepting these Terms, you consent to us commencing these services within the fourteen (14) day legal cancellation period and you acknowledge that, except for the limited circumstances set out under paragraph 1.2 of this Cancellation Policy, you will not be able to cancel any order you place with us for these types of Products once you have received a Confirmation Email.

Events, cookery courses and chef table dining experience

2. We hold all our events, cookery courses and chef tables on specific dates. Consequently, the consumer right of cancellation does not apply to orders for these types of Products. However, we will allow a full refund if cancel within fourteen (14) days of making your booking. After fourteen (14) days, you are therefore not entitled to cancel any of our events or cookery courses or to obtain a refund in respect of them, if you no longer are able, or wish, to attend them.

1.3. In certain circumstances we permit you to transfer your booking to friends and family members or to transfer your booking to another course or event, as provided under paragraph 3 of this Cancellation Policy below.


2.1. We strongly recommend that you obtain appropriate travel insurance prior to placing an order for any events or cookery courses to cover you in the event that you cannot attend an event or course for unforeseen reasons, for example due to bad weather, transport delays or cancellations, illness or bereavement.


Transferring your booking to a friend or family member

3.1. You may choose to send a friend or family member to attend an event or cookery course in place of the original attendee, provided that: (i) their dietary requirements suit the particular event or cookery course that you originally booked; and (ii) you have supplied us with details of the substitute attendee no less than 1 working day before the event or course is due to start. Our working days are 9am-5.00pm Monday-Friday excluding public holidays. You will need to provide us with the names and contact telephone number of any substitute attendees. Substitute attendees will be subject to any age restrictions that apply to the event or cookery course so please check these on the applicable Product description page on the Site.

Transferring your booking to another person or to another event or cookery course

3.2. Subject to clause 3.5, below, you may transfer one or more places in your booking to another event or cookery course, in accordance with paragraph 3.3. below.

3.3. Cookery courses and the chef table dining experience

You can amend your booking to a different date if we have received written notice 28 days before the start of the course and no charge will incur. If you need to amend your booking within 7-28 days notice, we can transfer you to a new date of your choice subject to a £25.00 admin fee. With less than 7 days notice we can either change the name on the booking or we can attempt to resell your tickets. If we are successful in reselling your tickets we can transfer your booking to a new date of your choosing, subject to a £25.00 admin fee once the course has taken place. If we are unsuccessful in reselling your tickets you will forfeit the entire amount.

3.4. All transfers are subject to availability. If we grant a transfer request then you must re-book the relevant place(s) within two (2) weeks of the date on which we grant the transfer for an alternative event or course. Any events or courses which have not been re-booked within this two (2) week period will no longer be transferable.

3.5. You must provide your notice under this paragraph 3, either by email to or by phone. You can find a detailed list of contact telephone numbers on the Contact Us page. You will need to let us know your order number, contact details, the names of the attendees whose places you would like to transfer (or whether you would like to receive a gift voucher, where applicable) and details of the event or course to which you would like to transfer the place(s). As our administrative hours are 9am - 5.00pm Monday - Friday excluding public holidays, notice received outside these hours will be treated as received on the next working day.

3.6. The policy set out in this paragraph 3 shall apply to any places for events or cookery courses purchased as gifts.


5.1. You can book onto one of our events or cookery courses using vouchers purchased through third party channels (e.g. Buyagift). If you do so, then please note that their Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase of your voucher and any rights you may have in respect of cancellation of your voucher. Once you have used your voucher to book onto one of our events or cookery courses, then our Terms and Conditions and this Cancellation Policy will apply.


5.1. If you have any queries regarding this Cancellation Policy, please contact us at or by using the contact details set out on our Contact Us page.