French and Italian Weekend

French and Italian Weekend

Rosemary’s innate love of French and Italian cuisine is unquestionable

About the Course

Rosemary’s innate love of French and Italian cuisine is unquestionable. So if you seriously love great food, or you're fascinated by France and Italy and their diverse culinary styles... then join us on this journey. You will be exploring dishes that reflect both the diverse geography and culture of two much loved nation’s cuisines. You will be able to confidently replicate the dishes and techniques you have learned at home, giving you a foundation of core French & Italian cookery skills from which you can build a range of further dishes.

Two Day Class Structure
On arrival, we will introduce you to your day over freshly baked pastries and a cup of tea or coffee.
Both days will include of a mixture of hands on cookery and demonstrations performed by Rosemary. The exact format will vary from class to class depending on the style of cuisine.
Cooking with your classmates is an integral part of your cookery experience. You will cook your recipes in pairs, and some independently – whatever the ratio, there is always more than enough food, and often food to take home too!
You will be eating the food that you have cooked for lunch, accompanied by a glass of wine around the dining table. Classes that do not involve cooking lunch will include a delicious light lunch.

Course starts on Saturday at 10am to 3pm and Sunday 11am to 3pm.

Allergies and Intolerances
We are happy to make adjustments where possible. Some classes are however unsuitable for people with particular intolerances – where the menu would need to be completely different. Please call the school to discuss any relevant allergies with a member of staff. We must speak to you before your visit if you have a severe allergy, mild allergy, severe dietary intolerance, or are unable to eat any meat or animal products. You can find out more information about our allergy and dietary restrictions here.

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“This was my second time and this time I chose the British Classics class with Rosemary Shrager. It was an excellent course and we cooked really delicious food. Rosemary and her chef Iain explained everything brilliantly and was always on hand to give assistance and any answer questions you had. ”

Donna Andy
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