Teen Chef Summer Camp

Teen Chef Summer Camp

About the Course

Join us for three days and learn to create a range of culinary delights. We promise to take you from baked beans to brilliance by the end of the week. This three-day intensive cooking course is perfect for teenagers on summer holiday or students heading to University wanting to gain confidence in the kitchen. You will learn the essential basics of cooking and walk away with a large amount of varied, easy and enjoyable recipes that can be enjoyed every night of the week. It’s a great way to learn about cooking whilst making friends. For teens aged 13-17.

Class Structure
Each day will include of a mixture of hands on cookery and demonstrations performed by our team of chef’s. The exact format will vary from class to class depending on the style of recipes and their individual teaching style.
Cooking with the classmates is an integral part of the cookery experience. Students will cook recipes in pairs – whatever the ratio, there is always more than enough food, and often food to take home too!
The budding chefs will be eating the food that they have cooked for lunch around the dining table, before heading home.

Please note this course runs for three consecutive dates starting on Wednesday 21st August. All days start at 10.00am and finish at approximately 1.00pm.

Allergies and Intolerances
We are happy to make adjustments where possible. Some classes are however unsuitable for people with particular intolerances – where the menu would need to be completely different. Please call the school to discuss any relevant allergies with a member of staff. We must speak to you before your visit if you have a severe allergy, mild allergy, severe dietary intolerance, or are unable to eat any meat or animal products. You can find out more information about our allergy and dietary restrictions here.

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