With 150 years experience in crafting chocolate, the much-celebrated Guittard Chocolate Company has recently introduced its products into the UK.

Grandmas Chocolate Cake

Guittard create chocolate using French traditions and sustainable methods, not just for expert pastry chefs and chocolatiers but also for home bakers. To create world-class bakes, you must use world-class chocolate and Guittard offer just that.

Guittard’s organic baking wafers, available in Milk Chocolate 38%, Semisweet 66% and Bittersweet 74%, are ideal for melting down into ganache or buttercream, flavouring ice cream and even for confectionary applications. Their chocolate baking bars, available in 64%, 70% and 100%, create a complex and deeply chocolatey base for best-ever brownies and tarts. Guittard’s baking chips are the perfect for cookies, muffins and traybakes as, with less cocoa butter than bars or discs, they hold their structure in the bake. Their powders are ideal for sponges and cakes.

Perfect for both baking and eating, this sustainable chocolate company has been expertly crafting their products since 1868 using traditional French methods and are the oldest continuously family-owned and operated chocolate making business in the United States. Today, it’s run by the 4th generation Guittard, CEO Gary, who is joined by his daughter Amy and nephew Clark. With a passion for promoting sustainability within the cocoa growing regions and the wellbeing of cocoa workers, Guittard Chocolate is giving new meaning to the virtues of chocolate. Their uncompromising attitude towards sourcing and dedication is evident in their Cultivate Better™ programme dedicated to building and nurturing relationships with their growers that are hallmarks of Guittard’s “quality from the ground up” approach.

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