Creating great quality food is at the heart of everything Magimix does. From world famous food processors to ice cream makers, blenders and juicers, Magimix is always there to help.

Magimix 5200Xl Bread

Since its inception over 40 years ago, Magimix has become the must have food processor in kitchens everywhere and the world leader in kitchen appliances. Still produced in France, The Magimix Food Processor makes light work of meal prep, transforming the lives of families, aspiring cooks and professional chefs as the products are built to last. Each food processor’s handmade motor also comes with a 30-year guarantee, further cementing their superiority in the kitchen.

Over the years, in line with ever-changing culinary needs and tastes, Magimix has evolved and expanded its range, introducing new and exciting kitchen helpers such as ice cream makers, blenders and juicers all the while staying true to its principle of making life simpler for passionate home cooks.

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Magimix 5200Xl Eton Mess
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