As pure vanilla and flavour specialists, Nielsen-Massey’s story is over a hundred years in the making.

Nielsen Massey Vanilla Custard

Founded in 1907, with the name, Massey’s by Otis Kline and Richard Massey, Nielsen-Massey company’s origins are routed in producing aromas for cleaning products. A decade later Chatfield Nielsen joined Massey’s and under his and Richard Massey’s shared leadership we became a company focused on offering a variety of food flavours including vanilla.

Nielsen-Massey vanilla is made the artisanal way, with each vanilla orchid being pollinated by hand on the orchid’s only day of flowering. Once picked, the pods dry in nothing but the open air to intensify the flavours. This curation process takes 6 – 8 weeks to ensure that every bean has the utmost time to develop the intense flavours you taste in your Nielsen-Massey. Their vanilla is produced using a cold extraction method as they believe that any form of heat will damage the essential oils of the vanilla beans. Instead they gently withdraw over 300 delicate flavour components allowing the beans to provide that creamy, sweet, full vanilla taste that we have been known for, for over 110 years. Nielsen–Massey home their extract in the best way they know how, a little brown bottle that ensures their vanilla extract stays safe from bean to bottle to bake.

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Nielson Massey Vanilla Pod Workers
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