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Rosemary Shrager on the Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells
Upcoming Cookery Courses
  • Rosemary Shrager Cookery School

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  • Bakes, Cakes & Puddings with Rosemary Shrager

    September 29 2017 - Day Course

    Following Rosemary’s popular book “Bakes, Cakes & Puddings” You can now come and learn first hand how to create these amazing recipes. With a few perfect recipes in your repertoire, you can master any dish and create many more. Rosemary Shrager's Bakes, Cakes & Puddings day course makes it easy to understand and cook classic tried-and- tested recipes perfectly every time. Rosemary will guide you effortlessly through every step of the way, and in no time you'll have the confidence to create perfect sweet and savoury treats for every occasion.

  • Rosemary Shrager Cookery School

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  • British Classics with Rosemary Shrager

    September 30 2017 - Day Course

    With Rosemary’s gutsy, straightforward and traditional approach to cooking, Rosemary Shrager will showcase a variety of her favourite classic British dishes over one day. Packed with reassuringly humble recipes, made from staple ingredients that are simple, affordable and perfect for family cooking. She will charm and cajole you as she teaches, demonstrates and enthuses about great British cookery.

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