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Rosemary Shrager on the Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells
Upcoming Cookery Courses
  • Rosemary Shrager Cookery School

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  • Modern Vegetarian

    September 23 2017 - Day Course

    This course is an ideal way of improving your vegetarian cookery or simply learning how to prepare meat-free dishes which are healthy and beautifully presented. We will teach you the skills to produce seasonal, mouth-watering meals with a modern touch, which are light and easy to prepare yet visually stunning and simply delicious.

  • Rosemary Shrager Cookery School

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  • Fantastic Fish

    September 24 2017 - Day Course

    For fish and seafood lovers and those who’ve never cooked fish alike, this course is a must as we take the fear out of fish preparation and cookery. Packed with practical advice and delicious recipes, the one-day fish course is an absolute must for fish lovers. You’ll learn to create exciting shellfish dishes, work with subtle flavours, and cook fish in clever, inventive ways. You’ll learn how to cook fish safely and skillfully, preserving its flavour and texture, so you need never feel intimidated at preparing a wide range of dishes from under the sea.

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