Chef's Table Dining Experience for Two

Chef's Table Dining Experience for Two


Treat that special person a truly special dining experience at Rosemary Shrager's Gallery Kitchen.

The Chef’s Table is a truly immersive and memorable affair. Set behind closed doors, the exclusive experience provides front row seats. Here you will experience the focused intensity of the kitchen, creating an awe-inspiring atmosphere as dishes are created right before your eyes.

The evening begins with a celebratory glass of Prosecco. Our head chef will then present an exclusive five course tasting menu inspired using the very best ingredients. The chefs are on hand throughout this exclusive experience to discuss and explain the various preparation methods and cooking techniques.

Please select the table size you'd like to gift - the Chef Table experience voucher is available for bookings of 2 to 10.

Our Gift Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

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